Fundamentally different

I know you may believe this disconnection is about politics, but I want you to know that this simply isn’t true. It’s nothing that small or inconsequential, or this space between us wouldn’t be necessary. This is about fundamental differences in the ways in which we view the world and believe other people should be treated. It’s not political stuff, it’s human being stuff — which is why finding compromise and seeing a way forward is so difficult.

From John Pavlovitz


Setting goals around tasks, not outcomes, is the best way to improve performance, a study shows

A new study of US undergraduates suggests students who set task-based goals—such as taking a certain number of practice tests—will outperform students who set performance-based goals, such as a letter grade for the course.

I’ve been struggling with setting goals and accomplishing tasks for awhile now and this might offer an explanation.

Anker makes some of the best accessories out there

How Anker is Beating Apple and Samsung at Their Own Accessory Game

Most of my charging cables and portable chargers are from Anker. I also use their  aroma diffuser. This also reminds me of Aukey, which produces similar accessories. And of course there is Anker’s home electronics brand, Eufy, which has it’s own Alexa-enabled hub to compete with Amazon’s Echo Dot and a robotic vacuum to compete with iRobot’s Roomba.